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According H.M.'s introduction about Thomas More.We can know something important about More's book.

In 1513,More had written his'History of the life and Death of King Edward V.,and of the Usurpation of Richard III.'But the book was not printed until 1557.More's 'Utopia',his famous composing ,was written in Latin.It include introductory and description.It described religious,social and political customs.The book was first printed at Louvain with More's friends' help in 1516.Then it was revised by More in 1518.The book was printed by Frobenius at Basle in November at the same year.'Utopia' was not printed in England during More's lifetime.And it was translated by Gilbert Burnet in English in 1684,who also had trouble with the king.

More was deeply influenced by Platu and Plutarch..The thought of 'Utopia' was intensely earnest.It started with the fact how More was sent to Flanders with Cuthbert Tunstal and how More went to Antwerp to find a pleasure in the society of Peyter Giles.Later,people find the fiction was mixed the fact which was discovered in the voyage by Amerigi Vespucci.Soon after that,the book became more and more popular.

Book 1

Wikipedia describes the contents of Book 1:

The first discussions with Raphael allow him to discuss some of the modern ills affecting Europe such as the tendency of kings to start wars and the subsequent bleeding away of money on fruitless endeavours. He also criticises the use of execution to punish theft saying that thieves might as well murder who they rob, to remove witnesses, if the punishment is going to be the same. He lays most of the problems of theft at the cause of enclosure—the enclosing of common land—and the subsequent poverty and starvation of people who are denied access to land because of sheep farming.

" the tendency of kings to start wars"

the "bleeding away of money on fruitless endeavours"

" the use of execution to punish theft"

" the enclosing of common land"

the " poverty and starvation of people who are denied access to land"

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