ESL 093 Unit 3 - Moving West

Part One: Working with texts

Follow the links below and complete the activities.

*Read the text. Imagine that you are a pioneer traveling with Daniel Freeman. Write a description of the process you had to go through to get your land. Be sure to write it as if it is 1865 and you have just gone through the process. Post it to your blog.

* Comment on the posts of AT LEAST 2 your classmates.

* Add 10 words to your vocabulary page.

* Read the text. Post a brief summary on your blog.
* Look at the pictures of Custer’s expedition against the Sioux at the bottom of the page.
* Imagine that you are either a Sioux OR a soldier traveling with Custer. What do you think you would be thinking? What would you do or want to do? Describe your thoughts in a blog post. Write as if you are ether a Sioux or a soldier.
* Comment on the posts of AT LEAST 2 your classmates.
* Add 10 words to your vocabulary page.

Part Two: Working with academic vocabulary

Step 1

Make sure you know the meanings of all these academic words:

abandoned access acquired adjusted allocating arbitrary
challenges community controversy convinced creating credit
displaced distribution enabled evolving fee file
immigrants implemented individual investigators investment labor
legislation locations methods minimum option overlapping
percent physical process purchase registration removal
required revenue scheduled section shifting site
specify submitting surveyed unprecedented via

Step 2

Now decide what part or parts of speech each of these 55 academic words are or can be. Complete the worksheet that you can find on Moodle. Upload it there when you are done.

Part Three: Working with grammar

This time we are looking at prepositions. Complete the two assignments you will find on Moodle.

Part Four: Digging Deeper

Write a story

Use at least 25 of your own vocabulary words (the ones posted on your blog) in a story. This is a story from your imagination. It can be silly, serious, sad, happy, or however you want it to be.

Send me the first draft on Moodle by 11/27. I will make comments and send it back to you. The final draft is due on 11/30 and must be uploaded to your blog.

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