ESL 093 Unit 2 - Civil War and Reconstruction

Part One: Working with texts - Due October 23rd

Step 1

  • Read the text. On your blog, explain what the Civil War was what advantages and disadvantages each side had.
  • Comment on the posts of your classmates.
  • Add 10 words to your vocabulary.

Step 2

  • Choose two photographs by Brady. In a post on your blog, describe them as completely as you can. Then discuss the effect you think they would have had on the people who saw them. Finally, discuss the effect they had on you.
  • Comment on the posts of your classmates. Be sure to make substantive comments.

Step 3

  • Read the text. Write a summary of it in a post on your blog.
  • Comment on the posts of your classmates. Be sure to make substantive comments, not just agree or disagree, like or not like.
  • Add 10 more words to your vocabulary.

Part Two: Working with academic vocabulary - Due November 1

Step 1

Go back through the texts you read and look for these words. When you find them, copy the sentence and paste it into a document. Upload the document to Moodle by 10/25.

administration areas assistance attain automatically capable
citation civil commissioned constitution contrast declining
deny discrimination distinction dominant draft dramatize
ensure established federal functions generated goals
grant illegal incapacitated initially issued maintained
medical modify network nevertheless nonetheless obtain
outcome pose potential preliminary promote pursued
reconstruction resources respond restrained restrict secured
series source subsequently sustain ultimately valid

Step 2

Now decide what part or parts of speech each of these 54 academic words are or can be. Complete the worksheet that you can find on Blackboard. Upload it there when you are done. Due 10/28.

Step 3

Next, go back to the document you uploaded for step 1. Study how the words are used. Then write 1 sentence for 20 of the words on the list. Your sentence should use the word in the way that it was used in the text.

For example, the text uses "federal" like this:

  • After the election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency in 1860, the states of the southern United States broke away from the federal union that had existed since the ratification of the Constitution.

So you might write a sentence:

* The South tried to break up the federal union by means of the Civil War.

Send both the example sentences and your new sentences to me in a document uploaded to Moodle.

Part Three: Working with grammar - Due November 5

Diagram the sentences found on Moodle as Unit 2 Grammar 1. Upload it to Moodle.

After I have graded your paper, write new sentences that have the same pattern as the ones you diagrammed. Upload the completed document to Moodle as Unit 2, Grammar 2.

Part 4: Going Deeper

Write a letter

Assume the role of a soldier in the Civil War. You may be fighting for the North or the South. If you are fighting for the North, you may be black or white. Write a letter to your “family” telling them what you are seeing and doing. Explain why you think it is important to be fighting for your side.

Your first draft should be uploaded to Moodle by 11/9. I will make comments and suggestions and return it to you. The final draft is due 11/12 and should be uploaded to Moodle and to your blog.

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