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May 7

Today we will work on a summary of the entire text. It will be written in class and uploaded to Blackboard.

Homework: Final project 1st draft due 5/8. Final due 5/12.

May 5

Today will talk about parts 4 & 5 and take a quiz on them. If there is time, we will also do "Making Connections" at the end of the unit.

Homework: Finish "Making Connections". Check you answers on the wiki.

May 3

Today we will discuss parts 3-5 and talk about the final project.

Homework: Be prepared to discuss parts 4 & 5 and to take a quiz on them.

April 30

Today in class we will discuss parts I and II of the reading.

Homework: Read parts 3-5 and be able to answer the questions at the end.

April 28

Today in class we will talk about reduced relative clauses and start on the pre-reading for the main reading in unit 2: "The Challenge of Diversity".

Homework: Read Parts 1 & 2. Be able to answer the questions in the blue boxes.

April 26

Today in class we will do an in-class writing. Look for the assignment on Blackboard.

NOTE: The vocabulary quiz was canceled!

Homework: Do Skills & Strategies 6, pp. 91-93. Upload it to Blackboard.

April 23

Today we will discuss the article and do the Main Idea check questions at the end.

Homework: Complete the vocabulary activities. Check your answers on the wiki.

April 21

Today we will work on answering questions about the reading "Experimental Evidence of the Nature of Prejudice". You will post your answers to a discussion forum. After that, everyone is responsible for completing the whole sheet and uploading it in the U2R4 Reading assignment.

Homework: Complete the U2R4 Reading assignment.

April 19

Today we will go over the homework and work on vocabulary.

Homework: Complete the u2r3 vocabulary assignment, in which you write sentences using as many of the words on the game board as you can.

April 16

Today in class we will discuss the reading. When we are finished, we will post the results of our discussion on the course site.

Homework: Complete the activities at the end of the reading. The answers will be posted to the wiki.

April 14

Today we will go over the Skill Practice 2 & 3 on pp 76 and 77. Then we will move on to the pre-reading for Reading 3 on p 78.

Homework: Read "Views on Multiculturalism" and respond to questions on the discussion board on Blackboard.

April 12

Today we will meet with Dr. McDowells' Anthropology class at 12:00 in COB 138.
Everyone has an assignment due after this. Your instructions are posted on Blackboard.

April 9

Today in class we are going to work on Skills & Strategies 5.

For those taking the class face-to-face, remember that we will not meet on Monday. You will be meeting with the anthropology class at 12:00 in COB 138. There will be an assignment due Wednesday based on what you do in that class. I will post it over the weekend.

April 7

NO CLASS TODAY. See you Friday!

April 5

Today in class we will discuss the reading on p70. (Outline is posted to the main page on Blackboard.)


  1. Respond to the discussion question "Who are today's immigrants?" on Blackboard. Reply to at least three of your classmates, too.
  2. Complete the vocabulary quiz on Blackboard (quiz 10).

April 2

Today in class we will do the pre-reading for the next article in the text (p.69).

Homework: Read the article. Answer the questions at the end of the reading. Answers will be posted on the wiki so you can check them.

March 31

Today in class you will write an essay. Upload it to Blackboard when you are done. (See assignment on Blackboard.)

March 29

Today in class we will go over the vocabulary on p. 68. You will also complete U2R1 Vocabulary 1 (Word form chart) and upload it to Blackboard before you leave class today.

Homework: Complete the U2 R1 Vocabulary2 assignment and upload it to Blackboard before class on Wednesday. Be sure that you use the correct form of the word to complete each sentence.

March 19

Today we will discuss the reading "The Age of Immigration" and finish the post-reading activities.

Homework: Complete the vocabulary on p.68.

March 17

Today we will:

  1. Write on our blogs to answer question #2 on page 63. (Write for 10 minutes.)
  2. Go over "Getting a First Idea About the Article".
  3. Look at the chart on p. 64 and talk about it.

Homework: Read the article "The Age of Immigration" pp 64-66 and do "Main Idea Check" p 66.

March 15

Today we will go over the Making Connections exercises to make sure you understand them. Then we will move on to Skills & Strategies 4, pp 58-62.

Homework: Finish Skills & Strategies 4. Check your answers on the wiki. Take the quiz on Blackboard.

March 12

Today we will do "Making Connections" pp54-56.

Homework: After completing Exercise 2, choose one of the paragraphs that you just did. Type it up as a paragraph and upload it to Blackboard.

March 10

Today we will work on improving the paraphrases you did for homework.

Homework: Upload your paraphrases to Blackboard (U1R5P2 paraphrases).
Re-do your vocabulary assignment and upload to Blackboard it again.

March 8

Today we will work in pairs on paraphrasing.

Homework: Paraphrase the "Main Idea Check" sentences for part II of the text. Bring it to class in electronic form on Wednesday.

March 5

Today we will discuss the reading and look at the activities that follow the article.

Homework: Complete the vocabulary activity (U1R5) that you will find on Blackboard.

(Online students, please listen to the remarks I recorded for you and posted under 092 Online here on the wiki.)

March 3

Today in class you will answer some questions about the reading.
We will discuss Part III.

Homework: Read Part IV p. 48 and be ready to discuss it on Friday.

March 1

  • We will discuss the two charts you were supposed to write about on Friday.
  • We will discuss part II, doing "Main Idea Check" and "A Closer Look". (We did not get this done. We will do it later.)

Homework: Read Part III. Be able to answer the questions in the blue boxes.

February 26

We will not meet on Friday.

Assignments for the day:

  1. Look at the chart on p. 43 and the one on p. 45. Write a post on your blog in which you explain the contents of those charts. Don't tell me what you see (There are three bars, one labeled 1950, another labeled 2000 and the last one labeled 2050…) but rather what that means. What information is each of the charts giving you?

Homework: Edit your summary of Reading 4 (AIDS) and post it to your blog again with the title "Reading 4 Summary, Edited". (I am sending you the marked up copy of your original summary, if you posted it.) This is to be done before class on Monday.

February 24

  1. We will talk about the homework.
  2. You will write a 3-4 sentence summary of the first two paragraphs of the reading and post it to your blog.


  1. Read Part II: Health Care Costs and Access in Wealthier Countries.
  2. Post the answers to these questions on your blog:
  • What are the effects of rising health care costs in richer countries?
  • What are the factors that contribute to rising health care costs?

Be sure to use your own words as you answer these questions rather than copying from the book.

February 22

1. We will do skill practice 3.
2. We will do a freewrite on our blogs: Write a blog post in which you answer at least two of the questions on p 41 "Getting into the Topic". Make sure your post shows that you are really thinking about the topic.


1. Complete Quiz 7 before class on Wednesday.
2. Do "Getting a First Idea About the Article" p. 41
3. Read Section I, p. 42 "One Earth - Two Worlds of Health". Be ready to discuss the reading on Wednesday.

February 19

Today in class we will work on Skills and Strategies 3. I think we will get through it entirely during the class period, but I will post the answers to the wiki for those who are taking the course online.

Homework: Finish Skills & Strategies 3 if we don't finish it in class. Write a summary of Reading 4 and upload it to your blog. Be sure to include the title and author of the text. This is ONLY a summary.

February 17

Today in class we will edit our writing.

Homework: Finish editing. Post the summary/response to your blog again, calling it Gene Therapy, edited.

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