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Friday 5/7

Today in class we will try to answr any last questions about your papers.

Monday 4/26

Today we will continue to work on your papers.

Friday 4/23

Today we will talk a little about introductions and conclusions and about your reference lists.

Homework: Start writing your introduction and conclusion. Bring everything you have for your paper on Monday.

Wednesday, 4/21

Today we will make sure your evidence is cited appropriately and we will begin to create a reference list.

Homework: Finish your reference list and upload it to Blackboard.

Monday, 4/19

Today we will look at paragraphs and what they should look like. We will work on pp 88-94.

Homework: Continue writing your body paragraphs. Refine the ones you have already written, making sure they have topic sentences and the evidence is integrated into them. Write new ones. Bring all of it to class in electronic format on Wednesday.

Friday, 4/16

Today you will look at each others' paragraphs, identifying topic sentences and evidence.

Homework: Based on what you learned from your partner's feedback, revise your paragraphs, looking especially at evidence and topic sentences. Upload it to Blackboard.

Wednesday, 4/14

Today we will continue to work on our paragraphs.

Homework: For Friday, bring to class at least 4 body paragraphs completed.

Monday 4/12

Today we will work on our paragraphs.

Friday 4/9

Since we weren't ready to do the work on Wednesday, we will be working on that today. Remember that you MUST bring your completed rough outlines with research question, thesis statement, and supporting points - each with a topic sentence, quote and paraphrase.

Today we will look at your rough outlines and begin writing body paragraphs.

Homework: Finish writing the first draft of 2 body paragraphs and bring them to class on Monday.

Wednesday 4/7

Today we will look at your rough outlines and begin writing body paragraphs.

Homework: Finish writing the first draft of 2 body paragraphs and bring them to class on Friday.

Monday 4/5

Today we will look at your paraphrases briefly and then look at what makes a good paragraph and a good topic sentence.

Homework: Add topic sentences to your rough outlines. They should now contain your research question, your thesis statement, your topic sentences for each supporting point and the evidence you are going to use. Bring this to class on Wednesday.

Friday 4/2

Today we will look at your paraphrases and try to improve them. We will also start to write topic sentences for your paragraphs.

Wednesday 3/31

Today we will work on paraphrasing. After looking at the discussion in the text (pp 77-85), you will begin to work on some of the quotes you plan to use in your papers.

Homework: Complete Paraphrase Assignment and upload it to Blackboard.

Monday 3/29

Today we will look at our rough outlines and our notes and try to find support for the points in the outlines. If we don't have it, we will have to do more research.

Homework: Find supporting information (direct quotes from sources) for each of the points of your outline. Bring it in digital format to class on Wednesday.

Friday, March 19

Today we will finish talking about thesis statements and look at our rough outlines with our thesis statements in mind.

Homework: Adjust rough outline if needed. Bring it to class after the break.

Wednesday, March 17

Today we will go over the homework and talk more about thesis statements. We will look at how the type of focus our papers have will be reflected in our thesis statements. We will also talk about "Common Problems with Thesis Statements" pp 55-57.

Homework: Post your thesis statement to your blog. Complete "Now you try" pp 57 and 58.

Monday, March 15

Today we will talk a little about your rough outlines and then begin talking about how to write a thesis statement.

Homework: "Now You Try" pp 50 and 52.

Friday, March 12

Today we will look at the idea of a rough outline and do some brainstorming on how we might organize our papers.

Homework: Create your own rough outline and upload it to Blackboard.

Wednesday, March 10

We will continue working on your notes. By the end of today, you should have four sources with good notes. If you don't, that will be part of your homework.

Homework: Make sure you have taken notes on at least four sources that will be useful for your paper. Upload them on Blackboard before class on Friday.

Monday, March 8

We will look at the notes you took on your first two sources.

Homework: Take notes on another source. Bring it to class on Wednesday in electronic form.

Friday, March 5

Today we will talk about focused reading and note taking.

Homework: Take notes on two of your sources using the form on Blackboard. Bring it to class on Monday.

Wednesday, March 3

Today we will look at your research questions again to decide what the focus of each of your papers will be.

Homework: Go back to your list of sources and find at least five that have information that is appropriate to your research question and focus. Create a new blog post with links to these sources. If fewer than five of your sources seems to be connected to your question, look for new sources that will work and post them to that new blog post.

Monday, March 1

Since very few of you did the assignment you were to do for Thursday, we will look at the summary grid in class.

Then we will move on to discuss the idea of a research question (pp34-36). In class you will develop your research question. When I have approved it, you will post it to your blog.

Homework: Write a summary of the article you did the grid on. Post it to your blog.

Friday, February 26

We will not meet. You will have assignments to complete instead of class. Check back here to see what they are.

Wednesday, February 24

  • Go over homework.
  • Introduce Summary Grid method of summarizing.

Choose one of your sources and complete the summary grid. Email it to me by Thursday afternoon. I will make comments and send it back to you Thursday. If I don't get it by 4pm on Thursday, I will not give you any feedback on it.

Monday, February 22

* Talk about summarizing (pp 21-28).

Finish paragraphs 5, 6 and 7. Find the sentence that gives the main idea of each of the paragraphs and then write it in your own words in the book. We will discuss it on Wednesday.

Friday, February 19

* Go over the homework (Now You Try pp 16 & 17).
* Choose one of your articles to write a response to. We will go over the format of the response, and you may have time to start writing it in class.

Write a response to one of your articles and post it to your blog.

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