Sherlock Holmes Vocabulary Study

In the chart below are some of the words used in the story. Make sure you understand the meaning of each of the words.

bald platitudes crude oscillate loom (v)
vacuous inconsequential axiom conspicuous retiring (adj)
languor vulgar dint incisive sallow
ghastly restive connivance corroboration keenly
minute (adj) abstract on the sly wreath allude to

Now, choose 15 of them. Find a picture that in some way demonstrates each word. Create a PowerPoint presentation. Add a sentence or two to each slide that explains the connection. When you are done, upload it to your blog.

This will be graded using the following rubric:

element novice - 1 pt proficient - 3 pts exemplary - 5 pts
images Images had little connection to vocabulary. Images fit vocabulary well. Images illustrated vocabulary in an exceptional way.
explanation There is little or no explanation. Explanation makes the connection between words and images clear. Explanation makes the connection between words and images memorable.
powerpoint The "powerpoint" is just a series of pictures uploaded individually. The powerpoint is uploaded as a presentation.
vocabulary Fewer than 15 vocabulary words are illustrated. 15 vocabulary words are illustrated.

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