Getting to Know Portales - Scavenger Hunt


A scavenger hunt is a lot like a WebQuest, but in this case we will be using both online and print materials. The purpose is to learn about the town of Portales.


You will use the information you learn about Portales both to help you find your way around town and also to create a final project: a visitor's guide to the town that is aimed at international students.


Step 1:

In groups of three, use the Chamber of Commerce's Visitor's Guide to Portales to see what categories of information are included. Decide if these categories are useful to international students or not. Then go to the city website to see what categories of information they present. As a group, draw up your own list of categories that you think international students need to know about. Be prepared to present your list to the class and defend your choices on Wednesday 7/29.

Step 2:

Begin to gather information to include in your visitor's guide. Remember that you must not copy directly from other sources but must paraphrase what you read. Be sure to keep track of your sources, as you will have to include a list of links and references for people who want more information. Once you have the information, decide what your guide will look like. How will it be organized? You must have the first draft of this done by the end of class on August 5. You will send it to me as an email attachment, and I will check it for grammar and such.

Step 3:

Now it is time to actually move out into the community and talk to people. You will survey 10 people about living in Portales. You will ask them what they like best about the town and what was the hardest thing to get used to here. Once you have that information, you will add this information to your guide. How you do this is up to you.

Step 4:

Make final edits to your visitor's guide, and look at the aesthetics of it. Does it look good? Is it easy to read? What would make it look nicer? When this is done, send it to me as an attachment. This is due by the start of class on Monday, August 10.

Step 5:

Each group will present their guide to the class. This will be done in class on August 10.


Your work on this project will be graded according to the following rubric:

Novice - 1 pt Intermediate - 3 pts Proficient - 5 pts
Content Incomplete or inaccurate information Complete accurate information presented in an acceptable manner Complete accurate information presented in an exceptional manner
Grammar and Mechanics Many grammatical and/or mechanical errors that make it difficult to understand Some grammatical and/or mechanical errors that do not interfere with understanding No or extremely few grammatical and/or mechanical errors that do not interfere with understanding at all
Academic Integrity Words and phrases may be copied without giving credit to the original author. Credit sometimes given and sometimes not given for words and phrases taken from the website. Writer uses his/her own words without fail credits the website for the information.
Presentation No apparent effort has been made to compile the individual pieces into a unified document. Some effort has been made to create a unified document. The individual pieces have been combined into a unified and attractive document.
Individual effort Little individual effort demonstrated. Acceptable individual effort demonstrated. Exemplary individual effort demonstrated.
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