Norman Rockwell Biography

Norman Rockwell was Born in New York City in 1894.When he was young,he showed a great interested in how to be an artist so that he took part in art classes until 1910.Then he studied with Thomas Fogarty and George Bridgman in The Art Students League.His life of art was beginning.
VOA News reported on February 12 that In Rockwell’s teens, he worked as art director of Boys' Life,and he began to illustrate different kinds of young people's publications.The four Christmas cards had a great success, at that time Norman Rockwell just was 16 years old.
At age 21, Rockwell's family moved to New Rochelle, New York.They live near to the famous illustrators such as J.C. and Frank Leyendecker and Howard Chandler Christy.At that time, Rockwell set up a studio with the cartoonist Clyde Forsythe and began to work for magazines, included Life, Literary Digest, and Country Gentleman. Also the magazines regarded Rockwell as the "greatest show window in America." in 1916, Rockwell married Irene O'Connor;and they divorced in 1930.After that he married Mary Barstow.And they had three sons, Jarvis, Thomas, and Peter. The family moved to Arlington, Vermont, in 1939, and Rockwell started to show the American life about small-town.
In 1943, Rockwell created some Freedoms paintings. The Saturday Evening Post reproduced them in four consecutive issues of essays. It was widely popular. The pantings exhibition attracted many people to come to have a look, and through the sale of war bonds, the pantings raised more than $130 million for the war effort.
But, it was unexpected that there was a fire on his Arlington studio.So many paintings and his collection of historical costumes and props were destroyed.
In 1953, the Rockwell family moved to Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Six years later, Rockwell’s wife died unexpectedly. His son Thomas help Rockwell published the autobiography, My Adventures as an Illustrator, in 1960. The books were all sold out.
In 1961, Rockwell married Molly Punderson, a retired teacher. In 1963,he stopped to work for The Saturday Evening Post and joined Look magazine.Then, Rockwell painted some pictures to show his deepest concerns and interests,such as civil rights, America's war on poverty, and the exploration of space.

In 1973,in case to preserve Rockwell’s artistic legacy ,Only the Old Corner House Stockbridge Historical Society could sell the pantings .And it become Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge later. In 1976, Rockwell was worry about how to improve his studio because of his bad health.And his plan had come true,In 1977, Rockwell received the nation's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal.

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