ESL 092 Fall 2010 Daily Plan

Each weekend I will update this will the plan for the upcoming week. Please check it regularly. If you have to miss class, you will still be responsible for what we did in class that day and the homework for the following class.

Course Home

Week Day In-class Homework
September 20-24 M Discuss vocabulary activities. Reread text and prepare for a quiz on Wednesday.
W Quiz. Discuss article. Summarize text. Upload it to Blackboard before class on Friday.
F Start on Reading 4, p. 29. Do Pre-reading and vocabulary activity 1. Read text.
September 13-17 M Start on Skills and Strategies 2. Rewrite sentences with different cause and effect markers.
W Go over homework. Continue discussing Cause and Effect Markers. Complete S&S 2 assignment on Blackboard. Upload it before class on Friday.
F Start on Unit 1, Reading 3. Do pre-reading. Read the text.
September 6-10 M No class — Labor Day None
W Go over the pre-reading activities on p. 12 and begin reading the article. Finish reading the article.
F Discuss the article. Go over exercises at the end. Complete U1R2 Quiz and U1 R2 Vocabulary Quiz before class on Monday. If you already did it, you will be able to do it again if you want. The highest grade will count.
August 30-Sept 3 M Read U1 R1 together, answering questions in blue boxes. Complete U1R1 Quiz and U1R1 Vocabulary quizzes before class on Wed. 9/1
W Read Sodium Fact Sheet and discuss. Write a summary and upload it to Blackboard. Be sure to use your own words as much as possible and to include all the main points. Due by Saturday 9/4 at 11 am.
F Begin U1 R2 pp 12-17. Complete U1 R2 Discussion on Discussion Board. Posts must be made before class on Wednesday, 9/8. Read the text.
August 23-27 Monday Go over syllabus, book, technology Set up ENMU email if you haven't done so yet.
Wednesday Skills & Strategies 1, pp 2 & 3 Complete the S&S 1 assignment found on Blackboard. Due before class on Friday, 8/27.
Friday Begin Unit 1 Reading 1 pp7-11 Complete U1 R1 Discussion on Discussion Board. Posts must be made before class on Monday 8/30.
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