ESL 095 Nannie T Alderson

Unit Plan

  • How do you think a piece written by a woman would be different from something written by a man? Would they write about the same or different things? Would they face the same kinds of difficulties or the same? Take a few minutes to write your thoughts in your notebook.
  • You can learn more about Montana by visiting the Montana Kids website history page
  • Read Part 1, pp 105-118. Again, the words in the margins are not there for you top learn but rather to explain how the words used to be used. Be sure you can answer the questions on the top of p 139.
  • Now read Part 2, pp 119-138. Be sure you can answer the questions on the bottom of p 139.
  • Look up the words in the vocabulary section pp 139-140. Use ten of them to write a paragraph about pioneer life. Be sure to sure not to copy from Ms. Alderson's or anyone else's text. Upload it to your blog.
Writing Skills
  • Read pp 235-240.
  • Choose one of the research topics on p 146. Use that topic to complete all the exercises on p 236.
  • Read one of the articles you chose for the Writing Skills exercises. After reading pp 253-255 in your text, write a one page formal summary of it. Be sure to follow all the steps in the exercise on p. 255. Upload it to your blog when you are done.

Course Home

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