ESL 095 Grading Rubrics

Rubric for papers:

Possible Points What I am looking for
Introduction 5 points Is it interesting? Does it include your thesis?
Body of Paper 10 points Do you address your thesis statement? Do you support your ideas well?
Conclusion 5 points Does it remind us of your thesis? Does it give us a sense that your paper is finished rather than just ending?
Language 5 points Can it be understood or are there so many problems with sentence structure, grammar, word choice that your meaning is lost?

Rubric for summaries and leading class discussion:

Possible Points What I am looking for
Questions asked 5 points Did you ask good questions that covered both the actual events of the story and the meaning behind it? Did your questions make students really think about the story?
Connections made 5 points Did you make connections between this part of the story to what happened earlier? Did you connect it to your own situation or that of the other students?
Interest and involvement of class 5 points Did you get your classmates involved in the discussion? Did you make an effort to involve them? Were you engaging?
Written summary 10 points Did your summary demonstrate that you read and understood the portion of the story assigned to you? Was it clear and complete? Could it be understood?

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