ESL 095 Frederick Douglass

Unit Plan

  • What do you know about slavery? Where did it exist? Does it still exist today? Take a few minutes to write your thoughts in your notebook.
  • The opening text section above the text talks about the variety of ways that African Americans have been referred to throughout history. Please know that today, the only way you should refer to African Americans is as African Americans.
  • Read Part 1, pp 31-47. Again, the words in the margins are not there for you top learn but rather to explain how the words used to be used. Be sure you can answer the questions on the top of p58.
  • Now read Part 2, pp 47-57. Be sure you can answer the questions on the bottom of p58.
  • Choose either #1 or #2 on pp 58 & 59. Write a paragraph in your own words but using as many of the vocabulary words listed there as you can. Upload it to your blog.
Writing Skills
  • Read pp 228-231.
  • Do "Evaluating Encyclopedias" p230. Find 2 online encyclopedias. Look for information on one of the topics on p65. Compare the information found in the encyclopedias. Upload it to your blog. Be sure to include links to the two sites you used.
  • Write a summary of one of the two passages as outlined on p62, #1 or #2. Upload it to your blog.
  • Read about slavery in the past in other parts of the world on Wikipedia or the present further down in the article in Wikipedia. Choose one portion of one of these texts and write a summary of it. Post it to your blog.

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