Esl 095 Daily Plan

Plans will be posted a week at a time. The previous weeks' plans will remain here, and the new week will be found at the top.

Please check this page before you come to class each day to see what we are doing. If you have to be absent, please check it to see what you missed and what your assignment for the next class is.

Course Home

Date In Class Homework
Tues 9/14 Discuss Chapter 1 of the story. Read Chapter 2.
Thurs 9/9 Discuss aging. Introduce Benjamin Button. Read chapter 1, pp 16-20. Be ready to discuss it in class on Tuesday.
Tues 9/7 Discuss the movie. How did William Thatcher become Sir William Thatcher? Begin writing assignment. Complete writing assignment: Who are you and who do you want to be? What steps can you take to get there? Upload it to your blog before class next Tuesday.
Thurs 9/2 Watch remainder of "A Knight's Tale". Discuss Write a summary/reaction to the movie: summarize the plot and then talk about one of the characters who chose a new identity. (Was the person justified in doing that or not? Why?) Upload it to your blog before class on Tuesday.
Tues 8/31 Discus blogs. Watch first half of "A Knight's Tale". None
Thurs 8/26 Discuss "A Case of Identity" Re-tell the story from the point of view of a different person. Upload it to your blog.
Tues 8/24 Hand out syllabus, text. Go over. Talk about our identities. Set up wordpress blog if you haven't yet. Read "A Case of Identity". Be ready to discuss it in class on Thursday.
Thurs 8/19 Introduction to course None

Course Home

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