ESL 095 Black Elk

Unit Plan


  • What do you know about Native Americans? How did you learn what you know about them? Do you think your knowledge is accurate? Take a few minutes to write your thoughts in your notebook.
  • There are many different cultures within the group of what we used to think of as Indians but now call Native Americans. These groups spoke different languages, lived in different types of houses, and had different customs and traditions. Reading about Black Elk will give you a chance to learn about one such group, the Ogala Sioux.


  • Read Part 1, pp 69-79. Again, the words in the margins are not there for you top learn but rather to explain how the words used to be used. Be sure you can answer the questions on the top of p 92.
  • Now read Part 2, pp 80-91. Be sure you can answer the questions on the bottom of p 92.


  • Do the activities on pp 93-95.
  • Go to Flickr to look at the Creative Commons licensed photos. Find at least 3 photos that you like that illustrate one or more of the vocabulary words. Post the photos to your blog (being sure to give credit to the photographer) and then write a sentence that uses the vocabulary words and describes the picture.

Writing Skills

  • Read pp 246-252.
  • Complete either Part 1 or Part 2, pp 96 & 97. Work with a partner to improve your work.
  • Complete "Using a Quotation" and "Writing a Paraphrase" pp 250 & 252. Upload the results to your blog. Be sure to complete all parts of the exercises.


  • Choose EITHER #2 or #4 Expansion Activities pp 101-102 and write a 350-500 word essay. Upload it to your blog when you are done.

Course Home

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