ESL 095 "A Place So Foreign" Writing Assignments

Paper #1: Extended Definition

Your first writing assignment in conjunction with this text is an extended definition paper. In this assignment, you are going to be writing about the term "foreign". As you read the story, look at what it seems to say about being foreign, about what makes a place or a person foreign. Your paper should follow these guidelines:

Purpose: To thoroughly define and reveal various meanings and applications of the word foreign.

APA format
350 – 500 words
Include quotations; however, the bulk of the paper should be in your own words
Include a reference list following the body of the paper (min. 3 citations).

Introduction – find an interesting and inviting way to approach your word. Your thesis statement should be at the end of this paragraph.
Formal Definition – provide a fairly complete dictionary definition, but do not quote more than a few brief phrases. Dictionary definitions are usually "stiff" and dull; paraphrase instead. Be sure to tell is which dictionary or dictionaries you used.
Main Body – present several fairly well-developed applications (meanings or uses) of the word. You may use examples here. This is also where you will tell us what YOU think the word means. You may also tell us what the word DOES NOT mean.
Conclusion – remind us of your definition of the word.

Upload this paper to your blog when you have completed it. It must be posted no later than Thursday, November 19th.

Paper #2: Personal Essay

This assignment will be posted closer to the due date. It will be uploaded to your blog and will be due by Sunday, November 21.

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