Esl 094 Fall 2010 Daily Schedule

Each week will be added to the top of the table so it will be easy to find. I will make every effort to keep this up to date and accurate. If you miss a class, check here to see what the homework is. Do NOT rely on your classmates.

Week Day In Class Homework
Sept 27-Oct 1 M Work on Paraphrasing again. Talk more about summaries. Complete or revise summaries on your blogs.
W Start on Black Elk p 67. Go over some vocabulary. Read part 1, pp70-79.
F Discuss part 1 of Black Elk. Paraphrase part 1, page 96. You only have to do the two sentences they gave you.
Sept 20-24 M Finish part 1 of Douglass. Read part 2, pp 47-57.
W Discuss part 2 of Douglass. Read pp 250-252.
F Work on paraphrasing. Start on p 62 Writing Summaries. Choose #1 or #2 and summarize it. Post to your blog by Wednesday.
Sept 13-17 M Introduce Frederick Douglass. Read pt 1, pp 31-47.
W Go over part 1 of Douglass text. Discuss. Re-read erst of part 1.
F Discuss more of Part 1 of Douglass text. Discuss. p. 58 - Vocab pt 1 – Write one paragraph of 150-250 words and upload it to your blog.
Sept 6-10 M No Class - Labor Day None
W Go over homework from Friday. Re-do p 226 and post to your blog before 9am Friday.
F Talk about personal essay. Begin personal essay: #7 on p. 25. Upload it to your blog before class on Monday.
Aug 30-Sept 3 M Go over Pt 2 of Franklin. Discuss Comprehension questions. Choose 1: Exercise 2 OR Exercise 3 p 20. Upload to blog.
W Discuss pp 220-225 Complete exercises 222, 223, 224.
F Discuss exercises. Review exercise p 226 - Write and upload to your blog.
Aug 23-27 M Introduce course and book; go over syllabus Set up blog and email.
W Talk about pp 216-219 Read pp 1-top of 11
F Go over Pt 1 of Franklin. Discuss comprehension questions. Read pp 11-18

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