ESL 093 Online

If you are taking this class online, things will be a little different but not much. We will conduct our conferences on Blackboard using Wimba. I will contact you about setting up a schedule for regular conferences.

This class is going to be pretty much individualized whether you are taking it online or face to face. I hope it will be useful to you.

At least 3 days a week, you will be expected to read for at least 15 minutes in an English novel of your choice. Please send me the title and author of the book in an email so I can be sure it meets my requirements. About the only requirements, really, are that it is in English and that you are interested in it.

You will find at least 5 vocabulary words each day from the reading in that book. You will add the words to the vocabulary log file available on Blackboard. Periodically, you will submit the log to me and it will be graded.

I will email the diagnostic test to you, and I would like you to complete it and return it to me. I will make your grammar assignments after I see the results of that.

Your midterm and final presentations will be emailed to me, and they will be shared with the entire class. We can try to set up a Wimba session for those days so you can participate in the class. If that isn't possible, it will not adversely affect your grade.

Other than these modifications, this course will be the same for both online and face to face students.

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