Are You An Effective Reader?

Before they start reading, effective readers…

  • think about what they already know and what they need to learn about the topic before they begin to read;
  • know why they are reading, what they are supposed to be able to do or what they should know when they finish;
  • think about the type of text and how it should be read;
  • make predictions about the content of the text.

During reading, effective readers…

  • continually compare their predictions about the text to what they read;
  • check themselves to be sure they understand;
  • try to connect their own experiences to what they are reading;
  • make inferences or read between the lines in order to understand it at a deeper level;
  • know how to ask questions while they read;
  • pay attention to subject area vocabulary and knowledge to better understand the text.

After reading, effective readers…

  • check themselves to be sure they understood the text;
  • go back to the text or talk about it with others to better understand and remember what they read.
Adapted from: Burke, J., Klemp, R., & Schwartz, W. (2002). Reader's Handbook: A Student Guide for Reading and Learning. Wilmington, Massachusetts: Great Source Education Group.

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