Annotated Bibliography about Utopias


Claeys, G., & Sargent, L. T. (Eds.). (1999). The utopia reader. New York: NYU Press.

  • This book is an introduction to the study of Utopianism. It includes texts from before Thomas More's up through the present. (added by Nancy)

Journal Articles

Raitiere, M. N. (1973). More's utopia and the city of God. Studies in the renaissance, 20, 144-168.

  • The author discusses the possible influence of St. Augustine's City of God on Thomas More as he was writing Utopia. (added by Nancy)


New York Public LIbrary. (2000). Utopia: The search for the ideal society in the western world [Multimedia presentation]. Retrieved September 29,

2008, from

  • This website is a multimedia exhibit that documents the ways people have envisioned an ideal society over the centuries. (added by Nancy)

Academic Reading and Writing about Utopias

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