Academic Reading and Writing about Utopias

Part 1

You have read and seen and thought a lot about Utopian societies. Now it is time to begin to look at the subject from a more academic point of view. To do that, you will start to gather materials on this page. As you find titles that are related to Utopia, place them under the correct heading on this page. Use APA bibliography formatting. We will begin by creating an annotated bibliography about Utopias. Each of you will be expected to add at least 5 resources to the list. Be sure to put your name by each resource you add. (Look at my entries as examples.)

In addition to the publication information, include a brief description of the resource. What is the focus of the text? What are the main points discussed? You do not have to read it all to do this. Often headings and sub-headings will tell you enough about the text.

If you would like, you can paste the citation information into a form on NoodleBib Express, and it will generate the text for you. Some of the formatting will be lost, but we can clean it up later.

Part 2

Choose one of the texts in the annotated bibliography. Read it. Write a 200-300 word analysis / review of it. Be sure to include the complete bibliographic information in APA style. When you have done that, email it to me as an attachment. I will make comments and send it back to you. When you have revised and edited it, upload it to Web CT. It will be graded according to the rubric on Web CT.


Your grade for this module will be based on two things: the writing assignment and your completion of 5 annotated bibliography entries.

The annotated bibliography entries will each be graded according to this rubric:

  • Annotation is descriptive and complete enough to give reader an idea of the content of the text. APA format is correct. - 5 points
  • Annotation is descriptive but difficult to understand due to language errors. APA format is correct. - 4 points
  • Annotation is acceptable but does not seem complete or is not easily understood APA format may have minor errors.- 3 points
  • Annotation is acceptable but it is not complete and is difficult to understand. APA format may have errors - 2 points
  • Annotation is there but is not acceptable. APA format is not even attempted. - 1 point

The writing assignment will be graded separately according to the rubric on WebCT.

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